Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Ready Is Your Home for a Finch?

Raising finches can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. A well-loved and healthy finch can become a constant, caring companion. Though finches cannot be as tame as other pet birds like parrots, these birds can be taught to eat from your hands and perch on your shoulder.  Finches are also shy by nature and do not nip people’s fingers if they have adapted well to their life with new owners.

 But the big question here is, are you ready to take care of these exotic birds? Here are some guiding questions to help you determine your level of preparedness:

 Are you ok with the fact that finches, even in a caged setting, will still show facets of finches in the wild? As we have mentioned earlier, finches are not as tame as other pet birds like canaries.


  1. Do you have space at home for a large cage or mini-aviary? Finches cannot be placed in small cages or purchased singly without a male of female companion. If you are going to take care of finches, you need to have adequate space for their own home.


  1. Are you prepared to clean their cage or aviary on a daily basis? Finches are very active birds and can make a real mess in their cage in a short period of time. Any mess inside the cage should be cleaned to prevent diseases from spreading.


  1. Do you have the extra budget to buy special food, vitamin supplements and medicine for your finches, if need be? Finches need a combination of natural foods like seeds and live food (larvae) to be healthy.


Talk soon,

JP Jonathan 


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