Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Putting Your Website on Audio Autopilot

A very powerful selling tool can be audio, because there is a huge number of people who simply hate to read or aren't good at reading, but listening sounds good for them as they multi-task. If you want to capture attention on your site, it will be worth to use audio there, selling such product to people who can't just stand reading long sales pitches.

Basically, audio can capture attention, even if it can be seem as a bad thing when someone will turn up loudly his speakers and it's hard to expect a verbal pitch. To omit complainant customers, marketers install their audio, which can start after switching a "play" button.

Some marketers find audio less powerful if it's optional. However if you're running your site, it will be better for to test both options and see, which one will be more profitable. If you ant to sell the vision impaired, audio will be the best for it and people are willing to use the Internet frequently with vision impairment. If you want to explain what is your product for or about, simply add audio to your sites and people will understand you easier.

Audio is also a good factor to provide tutorials, which you can place on your site and give people chance to download it. As you may find, some people can learn faster and easier when they hear instructions than when they just read them. So for those people you can offer audio tutorials, which can do much more than written ones.

Very useful selling tools are audio testimonials and giving people the possibility to give you their audio testimonials, your feedback will look more credible. It is common that people think that such testimonials are fake testimonials, because they can be written by anyone, so it's hard to trust them.

The authenticity can be proofed when people will hear different voices in each audio file, so offering testimonials in audio format will make they believe that real people provided tutorials. You need to remember however that offering audio for multiple testimonials, your audio shouldn't start automatically.

In spite of the fact such advice might sound obvious, if you forget this and end up with several audio files, which start playing simultaneously, with surety your visitors will leave your site as soon as possible. Offering audio on your site, you need to take care of the quality to give people the best audio you can.

Audio with poor quality won't capture attention, or worse - if the audio will be very bad, people probably will hit the back button and find the other site.

To achieve the best quality of your audio, you should create it in a room with decent acoustics, and the best will be the room without hard floors and which will have a lot of plush, soft furniture, otherwise there may be a hollow, echo-like quality to the sound.

Your room should also be free of other noises such as: baby cry, children scream or dog bark, which will be very distracting. If you have little baby, children or dog, better close the door and don't forget to turn off the TV.

If you do your audio properly, it will be a wonderful teaching and selling tool, which you can successfully use on sales pages. However it will be worth to test the results of changing a simple PDF file into a batch of downloadable MP3 file, which every customer can take on the go with it at any time.

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