Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Publishing Settings in WordPress

There are some hidden, but very useful functions inside WordPress pages, often overlooked. First, navigate to a new or previously written page and look at the Publish box on the top right. All of these options become visible by clicking the Edit link.

To change the overall status, click edit -- there you can change an article to draft or published status. Pending review is useful when you're working with a large team of writers.

Under Visibility, you have the option of making an article password protected or private (only viewable by administrators). If you're editing a Post instead of a page, then an additional option appears -- making a post stick to the top of the front page. Very useful when you want the same message to always appear at the top of the page.

Perhaps one of the most useful functions is found under the Published > Edit link. Here you can schedule a Page or Post to be published in the future -- very handy if you're going to be on vacation and want new content to go live when you're gone!

Additional features related to publishing can be found farther down the page. For instance, choosing whether to allow comments or changing the Author of particular page. These settings can be found beneath the text box.

If you prefer to see these ideas explained visually you can find a video version of this tutorial at the link below, where it's explained with more details inside the WP interface.

Follow the link for the full WordPress tutorial video or find other great tips at our WordPress training site.

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