Monday, February 21, 2011

Promotional Items - Small Item, Big Promotion

This is age of information if you have something that you want to sell then you must spread the word around otherwise you won't get any buyers for that product even if it's the best in the world. Some products fly off the shelf just because it was promoted properly and in this new era where competition is fears it's important for you to promote your business properly to make your mark in the market. For publicity of your brand you can opt for expensive advertisements on television, news paper, internet etc or introduce some promotional items for your customers and associates to remember you by.

They were popular long before media gained popularity and it got much hype during the recession because promotions were important and advertisements were expensive so they played a very important role during that time. Promotional items can be something as simple as a pen to something as big as a car some of the most preferred products are;

Pens- something that has been there for generations and one of the most widely used product by young and old equally and it is reasonable and lasts long making an excellent option.

Mugs-brew your coffee or place it in your shelf it's up to you, mugs are a daily use item and it has a wide range of varieties like ceramic mugs, travel mugs, plastic mugs etc and the best part is that it is not expensive and not season dependent you can give it to your customers at any time of the year.

Key rings- everyone needs it as it's impossible to keep separate keys in one place so every time your customer uses it they would be reminded of your name. There are many options to choose from like plastic key rings, leather key, metal key rings etc.

Paper products-nature friendly and cost effective and its needed every time, as not every job can be done virtually, when your customers keep it in their desks it will be seen by many.

Clothing-at first there were promotional t-shirts and now there is a whole new range of clothing items you can put your name on like jackets, caps, ties etc and these are cost effective and long lasting.

Bags- your shoppers walk away with a carry bag with them every time they shop at your store but that won't last long so try to give your product in a bag that would last long like bag made out of cloth or a gift like travel bag, hand bag etc.

Apart from these you can give some simple and useful things like files or folders for your customers so that they use it at their work place. If you have a decent budget for promotion then you can go with advertising through various media as well as promotional items,in that way you can be in your consumers mind for a longer time.

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