Friday, February 4, 2011

Heaven is for Real Book Review

 Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

This book has been on Amazon’s top 100 bestselling lst for over 50 days. A friend of mine recommended the book a couple of weeks back and I kept on postponing to buy the book.  I have read a lot of books by people claiming coming back from heaven and I actually thought this is one of those books but I was wrong.

"Heaven is for Real" is a wonderful and touching book about the little boy’s journry to heaven. Colton Burpo one of the authors of the book was only four year's old when he found himself face to face with death. He surprised his family by starting to tell his stories in a warm and wonderful way.

his family was actually surprised by his knowledge of some of the relatives that died long time ago and other things that happened before he was born. He told stories of the heaven, Jesus and all the beauty that awaited Christians. It was very suprising to his parents because he knew staff he was never taught.

Many books like this are actually intelligently written to entice reader and most of the time tells stories that are unbiblical. The author’s story is different and agrees with what the bile tells us about what is waiting believer in heaven. I was very critical when reading the book and just could not wait to find wrong facts and misinterpretation of the bible. I could not find any of the things I hoped for and it was clear that from the stories and they way it was it told that only a child can explain in those things they way they have been.

I will recommend this book to be read by anyone who has lost a child, a friend, a family member and has hard time trying to believe that they are safe. The book can also be read by those questioning the bible and Christianity.

Obviously there are some of the things that did not make sense to me  and again it does not mean they wrong, maybe I am the one who is wrong. 

I am not going to say a lot about this book here because people will not buy it and I will be defeating the purpose. What I can say is that book is good buy and a good read, I know I am very biased but that’s my hones opinion.

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