Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cutting for Stone Book Review

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Cutting for Stone has been on amazon’s to 100 best selling list for over 200 days at the time of writing. This is wonderful book by Abraham Verghese that follows the lives of two boys from birth to adulthood.

The wto boys Mario and Shiva were orphaned at early age and were raised by a surrogate mother. They lived very interesting lives and grew up to be doctors. One practiced in America and the other in Euthopia.

This is a wonderful book that brings all aspects of life like family, disease, poverty and all others into one. It incorporates love, lust, trust, betrayal, commitment, emigration, faith, poverty, life, death, hope, dreams, fears, and just about every other big theme you can imagine without ever becoming predictable, manipulative, or cliched.

As a book  reviewer, I usually take a day or two reading a book but Cutting for Stones has been an exception as I slowly read trough all the pages and trying very hard to imagine life in Addis Ababa exactly like Abraham. The pictures became clear inmy ming as the author did a great job by explaining in great details and with such clarity every details as he saw them.

This is one book I can recommend to all the book lovers across the world. The book has been rated by over 500 customer in amazon at the time of writing and it is laso reported that it is selling in great volumes in other parts of the world.

Compared to the six books that I reviewed this week, I decided to give it a rating of 4 and half out of 5.  For those who cannot wait to buy the book, please look at the link above and buy this book from amazon. Amazon was selling this book at a special price at the time of writing.

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