Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lexus Recall – What Went Wrong

The Japanese automaker Toyota is initiating another huge recall.

On Wednesday the 26th January 2011, Toyota is recalling more than 1.6 million cars all over the world including approximately 245,000 Lexus models sold in the United States. There appears to be different reasons for different models, for example, In the US, the models are being recalled because of a potential fuel leak that could cause a fuel odor in the car.

Here are the models that are affected:
-Lexus GS 300/350 (2006 and 2007 models)
-Lexus IS250 (2006 through early 2009 models)
-Lexus IS350 (2006 through early 2008 models)

Toyota has announced that it will initiate the recall as soon as all its distributors around the world have the required spare parts to attend to the se defects. It was not clear when Toyota will initiate this recall at the time of writing.The defect in these lexus includes a fuel sensor that has a potential of becoming loose. These sensors are connected to the pipe that delivers fuel to the engine and could easily leaked if not properly tight.

The problem could lead to drivers smelling the fuel from inside the car. Toyota is first waiting to obtain necessary parts before issuing letter to all affected clients. Toyota has indicated that the first thing that they will do is to inspect the vehicle for about an hour and if the fault is detected, it will take approximately three hours to fix the fault. During the repair process, the sensor could be tightened or the gasket could be replaced. The letters of inspections have not been issued yet, but concerned customers are welcome to take their vehicles to Toyota dealers fro inspection.

The fix is free to the vehicle owner.

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